Main Podcast (63:43)

With the L.A. Clippers back in the playoffs for the fourth straight year, Wammy Radio returns with its second annual season wrap up. Helping Wammy to take the temperature of the team's up-and-down roller coaster of a season is sports blogger for ESPN's Clipperblog Lawrence Murray. Could anything less than a Larry O'Brien trophy mean the breaking of a friendship between Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan? Find out on this very special Clippers Edition of Wammy Radio!

Time Mark Artist Song Album/Release
1:08 Static-X Push It Wisconsin Death Trap
3:52   Interview  
58:53 Sick Symphonies In This Lifetime Sickside Stories

THE ODD-CAST (April 1, 2015)
Bonus Podcast (28:46)

In an interview-only Bonus Podcast, Wammy is joined by Ben Minnotte to describe the genesis of the Oddity Archive and its place on YouTube. Questions from select episodes and arcs of the Archive are also discussed, as well as his beginnings as a folk rock musician. No music for this podcast.

VALENTINES CAST (February 14, 2015)
Part 1 (46:40)
Part 2 (54:40)
Bonus Podcast (29:40)

Artist and anime enthusiast Chevelle Abad joins Wammy Radio for a round of nostalgia, recounting her entrance into anime and the art world, the big deal with hentai, and life as a Seattle Seahawks 12th man, among other topics. The Bonus Podcast is an eclectic mix of Hawaiian reggae, K-Rap, J-Rock, and hip hop, with all the songs personally selected by our guest. Happy Birthday, Chevelle!

Time Mark Artist Song Album/Release
    PART 1  
1:48 Squinkla Jujustu Jujustu EP
3:43 Ayumi Hamasaki My Way M-Flo - Future Is Wow
7:30   Interview (Part 1)  
37:03 Dilated Peoples L.A. River Drive Directors Of Photography
41:14 Miliyah Kato Drive (Driving Me Crazy) Muse (Disc 1)
    PART 2  
0:32 Che'Nelle All My Ladies Che'Nelle World
4:48   Interview (Part 2)  
48:42 Paul Wall Why I Hustle The Po Up Poet
46:53   Closing  
50:45 Lenny Kravitz Dig In Lenny
0:49 Rebel Souljahz Play Me Like A Fool Souljahz For Life
5:37 Nujabes Reflection Eternal Modal Soul
10:28 Outsider & MC Sniper Heart Disease Heart Disease (MP3 Release)
14:30 Gackt Mizerable Mizerable EP
19:25 DoCo Red Shoe Sunday DoCo First
24:09 Lupe Fiasco Paris Tokyo The Cool

COMIC-CON-CAST (July 23, 2014)
Part 1 (46:06)
Part 2 (51:05)
Bonus Podcast (26:31)

Wammy celebrates San Diego Comic-Con 2014 alongside artists Andrew Dickman and Diane Modena as they talk conventions and art. What is the status quo of video games today, and the fate of the arcade machine? On the Bonus Podcast, Wammy unveils Donkey Kong Country X and Marvel & Capcom vs. Pokemon.

Time Mark Artist Song Album/Release
    PART 1  
1:17 DJ Lead Show It Off Show It Off (Apple iTunes Release)
4:34   Interview (Part 1)  
38:47 Technotronic Spin That Wheel (Wammy Radio Edit) **EXCLUSIVE**
42:28 Girls Generation Genie (Japanese Version) Genie (CD-Maxi Single)
    PART 2  
0:35 Jikes Let's Fly (Part 2) (Wammy Radio Edit) **EXCLUSIVE**
4:40   Interview (Part 2)  
36:32 Q-Tip Vivrant Thing Violator: The Album (Compilation)
39:33   Closing  
46:08 Cecy B Bout That Bout That (Apple iTunes Release)

POCOS PERO LOCOS SPECIAL EDITION (May 12, 2014 - June 24, 2014)
Part 1 (34:22)
Part 2 (34:20)
Part 3 (34:13)
Part 4 (30:43)

Wammy Giveaway hosts a special edition of Wammy Radio in dedication to Khool-Aid, E-Dubb, the Pocos Pero Locos staff, and all its artists, musicians, entertainers and fans supporting the continued growth of Latin Hip Hop. It's a music-only four parter featuring some of the greatest hits as heard on the network, including exclusives you will never hear anywhere else BUT on Wammy Radio. Wammy Giveaway is proud to support Pocos Pero Locos, and will continue to honor and play the finest of Latin Hip Hop on Wammy Radio for years to come.

Time Mark Artist Song Album/Release
    PART 1  
0:51 Stephen Jackson America Da Beautiful America Da Beautiful (MP3 Release)
6:12 Kam Wouldn't Be L.A. (Without Mexicans) Wouldn't Be L.A. (MP3 Release)
9:20 Spanish F.L.Y. Soy 18 With A Bullet Trust No Man
13:48 Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain Black Sunday
16:51 Knightowl Brown To The Bone Knightowl
21:31 Lil' Rob Natural High Natural High
26:13 Old Town Mafia Brown Love (Radio Edit) This Is 4 My Raza
30:08 Kid Frost Ya Estuvo (That's It) Hispanic Causing Panic
    PART 2  
0:12 The Raskal Royalty Americaz Most Faded (Special Edition)
6:00 South Park Mexican Mary-Go-Round Hustle Town
11:00 T-Weaponz Mira Mira (Look Look) (Wammy Radio Edit) **EXCLUSIVE**
15:11 Noreaga Mas Maiz (Remix) N.O.R.E. y La Familia - Ya Tu Sabes
19:39 Tino Cochino On My Mind (Remix) On My Mind (MP3 Release)
23:28 Carolyn Rodriguez Nada Castellana
26:50 Click Tha Supah Latin The Park Square Won
30:38 A Lighter Shade Of Brown On A Sunday Afternoon Brown & Proud
    PART 3  
0:04 Ron Artest Go Loco (Original Version) Go Loco EP
4:21 Voltio El Bumper (Part 2 Remix) **EXCLUSIVE**
7:52 Clika One Chevy Music What You Know About Clika 1
12:20 Lucky Luciano Lane Switchin' Lane Switchin' (MP3 Release)
17:04 Kap G Tatted Like Amigos (Remix) Tatted Like Amigos (Remix) (MP3 Release)
21:24 Mr. Capone-E I Like It Always And Forever
25:37 Jennifer Lopez Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) (Wammy Radio Edit) **EXCLUSIVE**
30:26 Earthquake Institute Science Friction Super B-Boy Pimpin'
    PART 4  
0:07 Monteloco Drinkz Up Obssessed
3:37 Snow Tha Product Day Dreamin' Day Dreamin' (Apple iTunes Release)
8:17 Soul Assassins Classical Intermission
11:04 Daddy Yankee Gangsta Zone Barrio Fino En Directo
14:24 Paul Wall Hot Boxin' The Van Baby Bash - Unsung
18:09 Lil' Rob Who Do You Think You Are R.I.P. (Recording In Progress)
21:23 Omar Cruz To The Top To The Top 12"
26:20 Slow Pain Thank You The O.G.

2013-14 LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS SEASON WRAP-UP (April 14, 2014 - April 22, 2014)
Part 1 (30:25)
Part 2 (27:10)
Part 3 (40:28)
Part 4 (14:04)
Bonus Podcast (31:25)
Part 5 (18:05)

Of all the topics to cover, Wammy chooses to discuss the 2013-14 season account of the Los Angeles Clippers. The Giveaway enlists an All-Star line-up of basketball analysts: radio disc jockey Jimmy Church, Clipperblog writer Fred Katz, Clips Nation editor in chief Steve Perrin, Basketball Insiders writer Eric Pincus, and captain of the TOWT Army, Woobly O'Balls, for this extravagant Clipper-paloza. On the Bonus Podcast, Wammy is joined by actor Chris Wylde where we talk more Clippers, and the life of a Clipper fan-slash-sports inside guy. Get well soon, Craig Sager.

Time Mark Artist Song Album/Release
    PART 1  
1:07 Ravex & Namie Amuro Rock U Trax
4:49   Interview with Jimmy Church  
26:33 Rainbow All Night Long Down To Earth
    PART 2  
0:00   Interview with Fred Katz  
22:51 311 Creatures (For A While) Evolver
    PART 3  
0:00   Interview with Steve Perrin  
36:06 Sage Francis Sea Lion (Remix) Sea Lion 12"
    PART 4  
0:00   Interview with Eric Pincus  
0:00   Interview with Chris Wylde  
27:42 The Lady Of Rage Unfucwitable (Back On The Scene) Doggystyle All-Stars: Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1 (Compilation)
    PART 5  
0:00   Interview with Woobly O'Balls  
12:56 Limp Bizkit My Way Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water